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Transport enquiries contact Fleurieu BUS HIRE | | 0419 800 228

Day time depaRtures TO THE SAILING CLUB 

2.03pm Goolwa Stratco

2.10pm Chapman rd Middleton

2.13pm Middleton General Store

2.20pm Pt Elliot Chicken Run

2.25 BP bus stop

2.30pm Sailing Club

2.35pm Departing back to Goolwa

3.00pm Goolwa Caltex

3.03pm Goolwa Stratco

3.10pm Chapman rd Middleton

3.13pm Middleton General Store

3.20pm Pt Elliot Chicken Run

3.25 BP bus stop

3.30pm Sailing Club

3.35pm Departing back to Goolwa

4.00pm Goolwa Caltex

4.03pm Goolwa Stratco

4.10pm Chapman rd Middleton

4.13pm Middleton General Store

4.20pm Pt Elliot Chicken Run

4.25 BP bus stop

4.30pm Sailing Club

4.35pm Departing back to Goolwa

5.00pm Goolwa Caltex

5.03pm Goolwa Stratco

5.10pm Chapman rd Middleton

5.13pm Middleton General Store

5.20pm Pt Elliot Chicken Run

5.25 BP bus stop

5.30pm Sailing Club

5.35pm Departing back to Goolwa

6.00pm Goolwa Caltex

6.03pm Goolwa Stratco

6.10pm Chapman rd Middleton

6.13pm Middleton General Store

6.20pm Pt Elliot Chicken Run

6.25 BP bus stop

6.30pm Sailing Club

HOME TIME from Victor Harbor

10.15pm & 11.15pm [29th & 30th]



12.15pm & 1.15pm